XCMG Assists in Transforming the Desert into a Photovoltaic Blue Ocean

Seetao 2023-11-20 14:24
  • The Bayanchuo photovoltaic project is expected to achieve full capacity grid connection by the end of the year
  • The Bayan Chuoer 1 million kilowatt solar energy storage+ecological governance project, jointly constructed by XCMG excavator, is located in Inner Mongolia
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In the Ulanbuhe Desert, XCMG excavators move in the wind, grabbing piles and drilling holes in one go, laying a solid foundation for local photovoltaic projects. The Bayan Chuoer 1 million kilowatt optical storage+ecological governance project, which XCMG excavator participated in, is located in the western part of Inner Mongolia and is an annual key project in the autonomous region. It is of great significance for local resource development and green development.

Unlike previous conventional projects, the XCMG excavator is mainly responsible for the laying of photovoltaic piles. Through the modification of multifunctional equipment such as vibration hammers and drilling machines, it effectively meets the diverse construction needs on site.

The project is located in a desert area with a unique soil texture. The upper layer is covered with fine sand and the lower layer is deposited with clay, forming an aeolian landform. "Drilling holes first and then placing piles" will lead to the burial of fine sand, while "only placing piles without drilling" will cause photovoltaic piles to encounter resistance and difficulty in pressing down when lowered into the clay layer, making the construction environment more complex.

The on-site operator stated that the project was mainly completed with the cooperation of two excavators. The XE370GK was equipped with a vibration hammer, responsible for gripping, lowering, and driving piles, while the XE85GA was equipped with a drilling machine, responsible for side drilling and soil loosening. The two equipment worked together, effectively solving this problem.

According to relevant local departments, the Bayanchuo photovoltaic project is expected to achieve full capacity grid connection by the end of the year. As the first project node, the laying of photovoltaic piles can only be completed on time to ensure the orderly progress of subsequent work, which is a great test for the operation ability, work efficiency, and attendance rate of construction equipment.

To ensure the timely completion of the project, XCMG service engineers are stationed on-site and on standby 24 hours a day. They provide personnel training, maintenance, and other services as soon as possible. Their professional and dedicated service attitude ensures the efficient and stable operation of each equipment, winning unanimous recognition from on-site customers.

As a clean energy source, photovoltaic power generation has multiple advantages such as economic energy conservation, green environmental protection, and strong sustainability. It is understood that after the completion of the project, it will achieve an annual power generation of 2.047 billion kilowatt hours, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.721 million tons per year, save 672700 tons of standard coal, and drive the local economy and ecological benefits to achieve a win-win situation.Editor/XingWentao


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