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PowerChina grid connected Brazil palacatu San Joao photovoltaic group project

Seetao 2023-11-15 14:20
  • Since the commencement of the project, it has actively promoted engineering construction and optimized resource allocation
  • The successful implementation of this project has made important contributions to the sustainable development and environmental protection of Brazil
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On November 11, 2023, PowerChina's Brazilian palacatu San Joao photovoltaic group project made significant progress. With the closing of the first inverter DC switch, the first photovoltaic array of the project was successfully connected to the grid, marking another step towards the goal of fully putting into power generation of the project.

The construction scale of the project is 267.04 MW, which is divided into seven photovoltaic arrays. At present, the installation and cold commissioning of seven photovoltaic arrays have been completed. Since the commencement of the project, the project department has overcome the influence of many factors such as high temperature, drought and labor recruitment difficulties with a rigorous and solid style, actively promoted the project construction, optimized the resource allocation, refined the project schedule, and successfully achieved the first photovoltaic array grid connection success. With the realization of grid connection goal of No. 1 photovoltaic array, the project department will continue to fully invest in the thermal commissioning of the remaining six photovoltaic arrays to ensure the smooth realization of the goal of full capacity production and power generation. The efforts of the project department will make important contributions to the sustainable development and environmental protection of Brazil, and will further promote the business development of PowerChina in Brazil. Key words: one belt and one road, one belt and one road news, one belt and one road project.

After the full capacity of the PV project is put into operation, the annual average power generation is about 421million kwh, which can save about 168400 tons of standard coal per year and reduce 419700 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. It has significant economic, environmental and social benefits, and contributes to promoting the development of renewable energy in Brazil and alleviating power shortages. (this article is from the official website of seetao: It cannot be reproduced without permission, otherwise it will be prosecuted. Please indicate that seetao+the original link) editor of the machinery column of seetao/zhouyingwen


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