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Top Ten Companies Listed for Overseas Bid Winning and Newly Signed Companies

Seetao 2023-11-14 16:19
  • This project has enabled China Power Construction Corporation to sign contracts and win bids in overseas markets
  • The winning of these projects will have a positive impact on the performance of relevant companies and promote the development of the local economy
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01 Jiangxi International Winning the Bid for the Congo (Kinshasa) Highway Project

Recently, the consortium of Jiangxi International and Guizhou Highway Group successfully won the bid for the 280 kilometer asphalt road project from Mbujimayi to Mbanga on the Congo (Kinshasa) National Highway 2. This project is the largest highway project awarded by Jiangxi International in the Congo (DRC) market, funded by the World Bank, and owned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works of DRC. The project is divided into two sections, and the main construction content includes the construction of a 280 kilometer two-way two lane asphalt concrete road, the construction of a reinforced concrete bridge, the excavation and laying of optical cable trenches, the installation of solar street lights, the repair of water wells along the way, anti erosion construction, and the construction of new drainage ditches. The completion of this project will greatly improve the transportation connection between central Congo (DRC) and the capital city of Kinshasa, injecting new impetus into the local economic development.

02 China Power Construction Overseas Market Achieves Signing and Winning the Bid

Central African Highway Project

Recently, China Power Construction Corporation and the Ministry of Equipment and Public Works of the Central African Republic have officially signed a contract for the Bossalamba Mbeki Highway project in the Central African Republic. The project is located in Lobaye Province, southern Central African Republic. The main project involves the construction of a 68.84 kilometer long road connecting Bosaramba Town and Mbeki, the capital of Lobaye Province, as well as the 3.19 kilometer municipal road construction and solar street lamp installation project in Mbeki City. The starting point of this road corridor project is the city of Pointe Noire in the Republic of Congo, passing through Brazzaville and Bangui, and finally reaching the capital of Chad, N'Djamena. The completion of the project will significantly expand the material supply path of the Central African Republic, improve the living standards of local residents, enhance the urban image of Mbeki City, and promote social and economic development.

Cambodia Housing Project

Recently, Chongqing Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. won the bid for the construction general contracting project of Huitai (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.'s Phnom Penh comprehensive office building under the international Chinese hydropower brand of Electric Power Construction. The project is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The main comprehensive office building consists of 7 floors, with a total construction area of 3350.3 square meters, including temporary construction, civil construction, structural construction, indoor decoration, water and electricity installation, fire protection facilities, and other contents.

Iraq Anbar Power Station Pile Foundation Project

The International Company of the Hydroelectric Infrastructure Bureau and Shandong Electric Power Construction Third Company have signed multiple contracts for the Anbar Combined Cycle Power Station project in Iraq, including the construction of cast-in-place piles, the construction of Civil Engineering Section B, and the construction of a large material warehouse. This project is one of the large-scale projects in Iraq's transition to renewable energy, which will provide additional power capacity to the grid system, thereby improving production levels and providing better services to the citizens of Anbar. The winning bid of this project is another breakthrough in the entry of bored pile technology into the Iraqi market. After completion, it will ensure the stability of the surrounding soil during tunnel excavation and basement construction, and ensure that adjacent building facilities around the foundation pit are not damaged during basement construction.

03 Shandong Electric won the bid for the Ecuador supply project

Recently, Shandong Electric won the bid for the supply and service of autotransformers for the CELEC national transmission system of Ecuador Electric Power Company. The implementation of this project will provide guarantees for the livelihood and economic development of Guayaquil, the largest economic city in Ecuador, and also promote the energy integration process of the Andean Community in Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru.

04 Zhenhua Heavy Industry Signed Contract for Thailand Port Project

Recently, Zhenhua Heavy Industries Asia Regional Center has reached a contract with Thailand's LCMT terminal to upgrade 12 tire mounted crane diesel units to lithium battery units to achieve a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable port solution. This upgrade project will reduce dependence on fuel and is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5 million kilograms per year, contributing to the sustainable development of the LCMT terminal.

05 China Road and Bridge Overseas Market Lianzhong Fourth Bid

Mozambique Market Road, Bridge and Housing Construction Project

Recently, China Road and Bridge Corporation has received award letters from the Mozambique Highway Authority, Mozambique Road Network Company, and Tzu Chi Foundation regarding three projects. The first section of the road restoration project from Savay River to Casanoa to Enshupei on National Highway 1 in Sofala Province, Mozambique. The project is located in the Zambezi Province of central Mozambique, and repairs 30 kilometers of roads in a 125 kilometer section. After completion, the project will improve the traffic conditions of Mozambique's National Highway 1. Mozambique Maputo Katenbe Bridge and North Link Maintenance Project. This project is located in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, and is responsible for the maintenance of a 3.011 kilometer suspension bridge and related approaches, ramps, and northern connections to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of Mozambique's national landmark. Construction project of Tikaenjia Da'ai Village in Mozambique. Located in the Tica area of Sofala Province, Mozambique, it is planned to build 219 residential units for the affected residents. After the project is completed, it will greatly improve the living environment of the local residents.

Angola Market Electricity Meter Procurement and Installation Project

Recently, a joint venture between China Road and Bridge Corporation and Xuji Group was awarded a bid by Angola National Distribution Company (ENDE), successfully winning the second and third sections of Angola's 1.26 million prepaid electricity meter procurement and installation project. This is the largest electricity meter order in Angola in recent years. The project is supported by funding from the African Development Bank and is divided into four bid sections for bidding. The implementation includes the procurement and installation of 1.26 million prepaid electricity meters, as well as supporting power grid renovation projects.

06 CNPC Engineering won the bid for Turkmenistan gas field project

Recently, China Petroleum Engineering and Construction Corporation (CPECC) Turkmenistan Branch was awarded the bid by China Petroleum (Turkmenistan) Amu Darya River Natural Gas Company for the EPCC project of the Central Gas Field Booster Facility in Block B of the Bagtyjiarlyk Contractual Area. This is another large-scale EPCC project won by CPECC on the right bank of the Amu Darya River, following the Western Gas Field Project in Block B. The project is located in the middle of Block B of the Bagtyjiarlyk Contractual Area on the right bank of the Amu Darya River. The main work includes: construction of new boosting devices (including natural gas separation, boosting, air cooling, hydrocarbon liquid collection, etc.), renovation of gas gathering devices in the Second Natural Gas Treatment Plant, renovation of Girsan gas gathering station, as well as public and supporting engineering. The mechanical completion time of the project is divided into two stages, and the final completion will be in June 2027.

07 China Zhongyuan Signed Contract for Nicaragua Airport Project

Recently, China's Zhongyuan signed a feasibility study and preliminary design agreement for the renovation and expansion project of Nicaragua's Pontavit International Airport. The project involves upgrading and renovating the existing Pontavit Airport, including the renovation of the airfield, the construction of a new 35000 square meter terminal, and all airport supporting facilities. After the renovation, the airport will meet the demand for a throughput of 3.5 million passengers by 2030, with a technical level index of 4F for the flight zone. The project design will meet the relevant standards of the International Civil Aviation Convention (ICAO), as well as mandatory construction regulations and NFPA standards in Nicaragua. The renovated and expanded Pontavit International Airport has advanced and well-equipped facilities, making it one of the airports with the highest flight zone level in Central America, serving the entire country of Nicaragua and radiating to the Central American region.

08 CRRC Signed a Supply Contract for Argentine EMUs

Recently, CRRC International Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Argentine National Railways to supply 50 diesel multiple units. This project is jointly tendered by CRRC International Co., Ltd. and CRRC Tangshan Company, and the vehicles will be provided by CRRC Tangshan Company. This is the second time CRRC Tangshan Company has won an order for internal combustion multiple units in Argentina, following the export of 27 internal combustion multiple units to Argentina in 2015. It is also the largest order for internal combustion multiple units in Argentine railway history. The 50 internal combustion multiple units in the order include 25 wide gauge internal combustion multiple units, 15 meter gauge internal combustion multiple units, and 10 standard gauge internal combustion multiple units.

09 Beijing Kaisheng Central Asia Market Double Sign

Uzbekistan Cement Packaging Workshop Project

Recently, Beijing Kaisheng Building Materials Engineering Co., Ltd. and Akman Cement Company signed an EPC general contract for the technical renovation of the Ahangalan cement packaging workshop at the Ahangalan Cement Plant in Uzbekistan. Beijing Kaisheng's implementation of the "14th Five Year Plan" development strategy is an important achievement, and it is also another cooperation with Akman Cement Company after the Ahangalan daily production line of 6200 tons of clinker cement and the Ahangalan cement mill renovation project.

Kyrgyzstan Cement Mill Technical Renovation Project

Recently, Beijing Kaisheng Building Materials Engineering Co., Ltd. and Uzbekistan UCG Group signed a new contract for the Kyrgyz Kant Cement Mill Technical Renovation Project at the Kant Cement Plant in Kyrgyzstan. The signing of this project is an important achievement of Beijing Kaisheng's implementation of the "14th Five Year Plan" development strategy and localization strategy, and has profound significance for Beijing Kaisheng's deep cultivation and operation in the Central Asian market. Keywords: the Belt and Road news, the Belt and Road project, overseas project.

10 China Railway won the bid for Malaysia's transportation project

Recently, lbraco Bhd and China Railway were awarded the Kuching Urban Transport System (KUTS) infrastructure project in Malaysia, and won the bidding for Sarawak Metro Private Limited (SMSB) Blue Line Project Support 1 (Lengbus to Shidu East). The project will be carried out through internal funding and external borrowing. The project aims to provide transportation services in the Kuching region by introducing automated rapid transportation. The KUTS project engineering support 1 will operate from Lengbus to Shidu East. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed in December 2025, while Phase 1A will be completed in June 2026. (This article is from the official website of Jiandao: Reproduction is not allowed without permission, otherwise it will be punished. Please indicate the link between Jiandao and the original text when reprinting.) Jiandao Machinery Editor/Zhou Yingwen


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