The First the Belt and Road Science and Technology Exchange Conference

Seetao 2023-11-10 15:10
  • This conference aims to promote common development and achieve win-win cooperation
  • The technological innovation of this conference has made important contributions to the economic development and improvement of people's living standards of various countries
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Over the past decade, international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation have been carried out under the framework of the the Belt and Road, forming a scientific and technological community guided by the government, led by enterprises and promoted by the people, which has played an important role in the two-way flow of innovative resources.

Zanatas, Kazakhstan, was once a desolate Gobi desert, but now it has become a treasure trove of green energy. The 40 typhoon generator units, built and operated by Chinese companies, rotate day and night, providing a continuous supply of electricity to the southern region of Kazakhstan. Compared to thermal power generation, the Zanatas wind farm not only solves the power shortage problem in the region, but also vigorously promotes the development of local green energy.

Currently, humanity is facing global challenges such as energy security, food security, climate change, and poverty. Countries along the the Belt and Road are working together to meet global challenges relying on scientific and technological cooperation.

At this critical time point, technological innovation is developing rapidly, leading us into a new era of change. "At this conference, the Minister of Education and Science of Mongolia, Enkhamugelang, stated that complex global problems require the participation of multiple parties to jointly solve. Cooperation platforms and carriers will gather resources, professional skills, and innovative thinking to help countries work together to address the challenges they face together.

The achievements of scientific and technological innovation cooperation released at the conference show that China has signed intergovernmental scientific and technological cooperation agreements with more than 80 co construction countries, and jointly established more than 50 the Belt and Road joint laboratories. In addition, China has also established more than 20 agricultural technology demonstration centers and more than 70 overseas industrial parks among co built countries, as well as 9 cross-border technology transfer centers. These cooperation projects have held over 300 technical exchange and docking activities, and promoted the implementation of over a thousand cooperation projects.

In the field of food security, China has organized experts to carry out hybrid rice technology training and exchanges in C ô te d'Ivoire, Bulgaria, Vietnam and other countries, and invited representatives of various countries to come to China for training. This initiative has promoted the wide application of hybrid rice technology in countries jointly built along the the Belt and Road, and effectively improved regional food security capabilities.

In the field of ecological and environmental protection, researchers from China and Kano Oblast in Nigeria have joined hands to combat desertification and work together to restore the ecological environment. At the same time, experts from China and Pakistan have worked closely in the Parana River and Paranapanema River basins in Brazil to breed and release fish fry, establish resilient local ecosystems, and solve the survival problems of rare fish.

Luban Workshop is an important achievement of the internationalization of Tianjin vocational education and a platform for communication and cooperation built by China's vocational education for the world. A number of Luban workshops have taken root in the the Belt and Road countries, not only teaching local young people vocational skills, but also providing talent security for poverty reduction; Infrastructure construction projects create a large number of job opportunities, improve the economic development conditions of the host country, and help achieve sustainable development goals.

"At present, changes in the world, times and history are taking place in an unprecedented way. Innovation and international cooperation are key areas to promote high-quality development along the the Belt and Road, key factors to address global challenges, and key directions of common concern for all countries along the the Belt and Road." Wang Xiqin, president of Tsinghua University, said in the keynote speech of the conference.

Since the proposal was put forward, the constant goal of jointly building the the Belt and Road is to benefit the people and people's livelihood. Over the past decade, various transportation infrastructure projects have been completed one after another, helping to improve living conditions and enhance people's well-being in the co construction countries. Keywords: the Belt and Road, the Belt and Road News, the Belt and Road Project.

At this conference, China put forward an initiative to further promote scientific and technological cooperation along the the Belt and Road. China has proposed the International Science and Technology Cooperation Initiative for the first time, advocating and practicing the concept of openness, fairness, impartiality, and non discrimination in international science and technology cooperation. It adheres to the principle of "science knows no borders and benefits all humanity". In addition, the initiative emphasizes the necessity of building a global science and technology community, including six specific aspects: upholding science, innovative development, open cooperation, equality and inclusiveness, unity and cooperation, and inclusive and win-win results. These initiatives aim to promote international scientific and technological cooperation towards a more open, inclusive, and inclusive direction, and contribute to promoting global scientific and technological progress and innovative development. (This article is from the official website of Jiandao: Reproduction is not allowed without permission, otherwise it will be punished. Please indicate the link between Jiandao and the original text when reprinting.) Jiandao Machinery Editor/Zhou Yingwen


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