China Africa Cultural and Tourism Cooperation Forum: Successfully held in Jinhua

Seetao 2023-11-10 14:31
  • This conference is conducive to cultural and tourism cooperation and an important part of China Africa exchange and mutual learning
  • This cooperation has been led by the mechanism of the China Africa Cooperation Forum and attaches great importance to expanding relations with Africa
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On November 8, 2023, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province held the 2023 China Africa Cultural and Tourism Cooperation Forum. The forum, with the theme of "Strengthening Cultural Exchange and Tourism Cooperation between China and Africa, Building a High Level Community with a Shared Future for China and Africa", is jointly hosted by the International Exchange and Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the China Tourism Research Institute, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and the Jinhua Municipal People's Government, and hosted by the Jinhua Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, and Tourism. More than 200 people participated in the forum, including representatives from China, the African Union, African countries, ambassadors to China, industry experts, and institutional representatives.

Du Jiang, Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism, stated in his speech that culture is an important spiritual bond connecting people of all ethnic groups, and tourism is a bridge for spreading civilization and enhancing friendship. The exchange and cooperation in culture and tourism are an inexhaustible driving force for the deepening and development of China Africa relations, as well as an important part of China Africa exchanges and mutual learning, and people-to-people communication. Deepening cultural and tourism cooperation between China and Africa, sharing successful experiences and measures, and strengthening the docking of cooperation needs will promote common progress in cultural and tourism between China and Africa, benefit the vast majority of the Chinese and African people, provide assistance for both sides to achieve their respective development visions, and play a positive role in building a high-level community with a shared future for China and Africa.

China is Africa's largest trading partner and maintains close economic and trade relations with Africa. At the same time, China has achieved fruitful exchanges with African countries in fields such as education, healthcare, culture, and tourism. China Africa cooperation provides a demonstration sample for building a community with a shared future for mankind. Representatives from both sides provided suggestions and suggestions on promoting China Africa cultural and tourism cooperation during the keynote speech, and looked forward to the broad prospects of China Africa cooperation.

Tang Xiaoyun, Vice President of the China Tourism Research Institute, said, "Over the past decade, China Africa cooperation in the field of tourism has been deepening. As a growing tourist destination, Africa is an increasingly important long-distance market for Chinese tourists' outbound travel. Tang Xiaoyun put forward three suggestions on how to deepen China Africa tourism cooperation. First, under the framework of the the Belt and Road Initiative, China Africa tourism cooperation should be deeply promoted, and visa facilitation, mutual delivery of tourists, product innovation, service facilities construction, tourism investment and other aspects should be increased Strengthen cooperation, form a cooperation mechanism, and enhance the level of cooperation. The second is to strengthen service guarantees for Chinese tourists, promote the "Welcome China" service standard, enhance basic services such as Wi Fi, online booking, Chinese food services, and Chinese language services, and better adapt to the travel needs of Chinese tourists. The third is to strengthen public services, including safety rescue and online payment, to provide basic guarantees for tourists' travel.

As an important platform for cooperation and exchange between China and Africa, Jinhua has continuously deepened exchanges and cooperation with Africa in the field of cultural tourism for many years, and has achieved significant results. Zhejiang and Africa have always maintained all-round cooperation in economy, trade, culture, tourism and other fields. This cooperation has been led by the the Belt and Road Initiative and the China Africa Cooperation Forum mechanism. In this context, as the main battlefield for Zhejiang's cooperation and exchange with Africa, Jinhua attaches great importance to expanding its relations with Africa, utilizing its own advantages and resources, and actively carrying out mutually beneficial and win-win exchanges and cooperation. Jinhua has close cultural and tourism exchanges with Africa, which not only enhances mutual understanding and friendship, but also brings new development opportunities for Jinhua's cultural and tourism industry. Keywords: the Belt and Road, the Belt and Road News, the Belt and Road Project.

Since the first Sino African Cultural Cooperation and Exchange Week held in 2018, a series of cultural and tourism cooperation and exchange projects have been held, such as the "Sino African Night" Carnival, the Wu Opera Special Session of the Sino African Economic and Trade Forum, the Sino African Film Exhibition, the Sino African Visual Art Works Exhibition, the Africa Museum Open Week, the visit of overseas famous school students to Jinhua ancient villages, and the "Golden World Clouds in Africa" cloud exhibition. In 2023, this series of activities will be upgraded to the China Africa Cultural Cooperation and Exchange Month for the first time, continuously promoting Chinese culture towards Africa and also bringing African culture together in Zhejiang. In the keynote speech of the conference, South African Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, Brad Enzimandi, stated that, "Scientific and technological cooperation along the the Belt and Road is bound to become the key. Please believe that we have the ability to change the future and let us work together to build a better world.

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