Grasp the Belt and Road Initiative and let them realize their dreams

Seetao 2023-11-01 15:57
  • The Belt and Road Initiative provides young people with rare development opportunities and platforms
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Seize the practical opportunities brought by Belt and Road cooperation and become a bridge builder connecting all parties. These energetic young people are not only witnesses of the Belt and Road Initiative, but also participants and implementers, and the CIIE provides them with an excellent stage for innovation and entrepreneurship.

As an important platform for China's opening up and cooperation, the CIIE provides young people with an excellent stage for innovation and entrepreneurship. At the CIIE, you can not only showcase your products and services, but also communicate and learn with outstanding talents from all over the world to expand your international horizons. By participating in the CIIE, we can learn about the latest industry dynamics and trends, and provide valuable guidance for our own innovation and entrepreneurship. Editor/Xu Shengpeng


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