Yuchai Foundry Successfully Signed Over 100 Million RMB Wind Power Orders

Seetao 2023-11-01 11:47
  • At the Beijing International Wind Energy Exhibition, Yuchai brought developed wind power heavyweight products to the exhibition
  • This cooperation is conducive to in-depth communication between enterprises of both sides, and jointly promote the deepening and implementation of cooperation
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Given the good start made in the new field of wind power, Yuchai Foundry has decided to further expand the wind power casting market. At the Beijing 2023 International Wind Energy Exhibition, Yuchai Foundry meticulously organized and showcased its developed wind power heavyweight products. According to the organizer's statistics, there were over 1000 exhibitors and nearly 110000 visitors, all reaching historic highs. This not only demonstrates the strong development momentum of China's wind power industry, but also confirms the correctness of Yuchai Foundry's layout in the wind power field.

At the Beijing 2023 International Wind Energy Exhibition, a total of 13 wind turbine manufacturers participated in the exhibition. Yuchai Foundry has already intervened in the casting of the entire factory, including the main shaft, motor shaft, locking plate, support seat, and bracket. The cooperation with different machine manufacturers is at different stages of formal drawing issuance, sample trial production and assembly, small batch trial production, batch production, and mass production order acquisition. After careful planning in the early stage, Yuchai Casting has finalized over 100 million intended orders with 7 major machine factories on-site. It is expected that there will be a large number of spindle orders in the future, and the future development prospects of Yuchai Casting are very bright. Keywords: engineering news, engineering construction information, central enterprise engineering news

On the basis of completing the layout of wind turbine castings suitable for the company's production, Yuchai Foundry took precautions and conducted comprehensive information collection and research using this exhibition to understand the situation of industry component manufacturers. It was learned that the most valuable ones were gearboxes and generators. Therefore, Yuchai Foundry actively communicated with the 21 companies participating in this exhibition, and each company was attracted by the benefits of Yuchai Foundry's lightweight cost reduction. They expressed their intention to have in-depth communication and cooperation with Yuchai Foundry. Currently, they have reached cooperation with 5 of the component factories to develop castings. Mechanical column editor/Zhou Yingwen


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