Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail! The train of dreams rides into the new era

Seetao 2023-10-23 16:10
  • Take the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train towards the future and feel the power of China’s speed across mountains and seas
  • The Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway looks to the future, showing the blossoming friendship between China and Indonesia, and the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway gallops into a new era
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Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway to the Future shows the Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway, a road of friendship, dreams and future through dynamic rhythms and soulful lyrics. It conveyed the message of China-Indonesia friendship to the world and demonstrated the profound friendship and the spirit of win-win cooperation between the two peoples. At the same time, the MV also highlights the power of China's speed and Chinese manufacturing, and shows the determination and courage of high-speed rail builders to pursue their dreams. Through the construction of high-speed rail, the connection between Indonesia and China has become closer, which not only promotes economic cooperation between the two countries, but also provides more convenient and efficient transportation methods for the people of the two places. In the days to come, let us get on the high-speed train, face the future, chase our dreams together, and sow the seeds of love. Editor/GaoLiMei


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