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Ja Solar works with Ecorus on a 103MW PV project

Seetao 2023-09-18 10:46
  • Ja Solar partnered with Ecorus to build the second largest PV plant, which is expected to begin operations in February 2024
  • European photovoltaic companies said that China's photovoltaic modules will affect the European photovoltaic manufacturing industry, putting downward pressure on prices
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Jingao Solar collaborates with Ecorus, the top three photovoltaic project contractors in the Netherlands, to build a 103.5MWp Fledderbosch photovoltaic power plant in Groningen, northeastern Netherlands. This project is the second largest surface power plant project in the Netherlands. Jing'ao Solar, a member of the Solar Module Super Alliance, stated that it has started providing photovoltaic modules to the project and will complete the supply by the end of 2023. The company did not specify which modules or technologies it will provide to Ecorus, and the project is currently under construction and is expected to begin operation in February 2024.

In July 2023, Ecorus sold the Fledderbosch project to the German renewable energy asset management company CEE Group for an undisclosed transaction amount. The company's project portfolio is mainly concentrated in the northern part of Central Europe, spanning the Netherlands and Belgium.


The signing of a supply agreement with Shanghai based Jing'ao Solar coincides with an important moment in the relationship between European and Chinese photovoltaic companies. In September 2023, European solar energy manufacturers, startups, and component suppliers signed and sent an open letter to the European Union, calling for measures to protect the photovoltaic manufacturing industry in mainland Europe from the unsustainable impact of low priced photovoltaic modules by Chinese companies. The letter specifically mentions the deliberate and purposeful attacks by Chinese photovoltaic manufacturers, which may endanger the measures taken by the European Union to establish ground manufacturing bases. On the same day as the publication of this public letter, the representative industry organization, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, issued a statement calling for a reversal of the trend of declining prices for photovoltaic modules in Europe and warning European companies of the risk of being unable to sell their products.

A report by Rystad Energy in July 2023 speculated that Chinese photovoltaic modules worth over 40GW are being stacked in warehouses in Europe, mainly entering the European continent through the Port of Rotterdam, which is almost equivalent to all photovoltaic modules installed in Europe in 2022. Due to low prices, Norwegian silicon wafer manufacturer NorSun suspended production this week and announced a large number of layoffs. The company pointed out that the sanctions imposed by the United States on Chinese imports have had a changing course impact, prompting more imported goods to enter Europe, thereby putting downward pressure on prices. The anti-dumping/countervailing duties in the United States have been the focus of long-term debate in the photovoltaic industry, initially to prevent foreign companies from adopting unfair pricing strategies. Editor/Yang Yang


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